‘VICE’ playing at Kirkland Town Library


CLINTON — There is an old joke that says the American Vice Presidency is the fifth wheel on the automobile of government. Which in many cases is probably true. But was never the case when it came to the 46th Vice President of America Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney.

‘VICE’ is a depiction of who Dick Cheney was ...and is. Played expertly by actor Christian Bale, the account begins with Cheney in his early to mid-twenties in 1968. It follows the future VP through turbulent times at school, home and on the job.

There are some holes in the timeline, so the viewer may not understand how he advances as he does and that’s a problem for me. I like a tight narrative, so you may have to google him to get your answers.

Cheney’s wife Lynne is played by actor Amy Adams, and she has proven time and again she has the stuff of great actors. Her role in this film is sharp, tight and spot-on. They say behind every good man is a good woman. Well, I suppose it works the other way too.

And while this film is a supposed account of Cheney’s adult life, the real treasure of this film is the story of his years in the White House, and the aftermath that ensued after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks. The film gives a detailed account of what happened with Cheney right after the first bombing- through to the American invasion of Iraq, the supposed responsible party of 911 at that time.

Hold on it’s a ride.

Co-starring Steve Carrell as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush and Tyler Perry as 65th Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lisa Gay Hamilton as 66th Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (same administration). Also, Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) as the narrator and Allison Pill (The Newsroom) as Mary Cheney.

Despite mixed reviews when this film premiered Christmas Day 2018, it received an Academy Award nomination for Bale in the Best Actor category. The role won Bale the Golden Globe. The make-up transforming the actor into the Cheney is remarkable and Bale must have studied hours of Cheney footage as he pulls off Cheney’s mannerisms to perfection.

Playing on Monday, May 6 at 2 p.m. at Kirkland Town Library.

Snacks will be served. Admission is free. This film is rated R.


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