Local resident speaks out against treatment of young journalist


Thank you for publishing the fascinating stories by Ron Klopfanstein about COVID-19 survivors, and also his piece (Sept. 10) about the teen journalist, Luke Radel.

It gives me great hope to see a young person striving to produce real investigative journalism that helps people understand complex issues — like how PACs work — and not just create controversy. That’s important for all of us, and Radel seems to be able to inform his readers at a level far beyond his years.

I remain so shocked and disturbed at Claudia Tenney’s threats and cruelty to this young person, one of her own neighbors and former constituents. Based on the article printed on your own pages, I would like to see you write an editorial taking a clear stand against candidates or politicians bullying members of our community who only try to shed a light through journalism on reporting facts, or who simply ask questions about policy positions. Since we are talking about an underage child, Tenney’s actions and words are all the more despicable.

Tenney’s threats against this young citizen journalist are unacceptable in our community and unbecoming of a public figure. You should say so.

Thank you.

— Jen DeWeerth, of Clinton


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