Golf shooting under par amid COVID-19 pandemic


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been little sports action since March, but there’s one sport that has held strong throughout the entire thing: golf.

And local golf pros are seeing an increase of people who want to get out on the course and learn the game.

“Yes, 100% yes,” Crestwood Golf Club’s PGA Head Professional Steve Nacewicz said. “I spoke with other PGA pros, and across the board, lessons and rounds of golf are up this year.”

“COVID hasn’t stopped people from playing golf,” Nacewicz said. “And that includes people going out for rounds and lessons.”

Nacewicz said that since people are out playing golf, they want to seek professional help on the mechanics of their swing, or to just simply upgrade their equipment.

“Club fitting is up. Once people get out and play, they’re going to want to upgrade their equipment, from buying a new driver, set of irons, a putter or just golf balls. And then that’s when the club fitting process starts.”

Nacewicz said that lessons are social distancing compliant to adhere to the guidelines.

“The student signs up for a hour block. One-on-one lessons are very easy to instruct socially distant,” Nacewicz said.

Nacewicz said that he’s seen new faces at Crestwood.

“This is my ninth year up here and I’m seeing new faces everyday,” Nacewicz said. “We have 300-plus members.”

“I’d guess that lessons would be up a tick,” Rome Country Club’s Wes Cupp said. “I don’t teach a whole bunch, but I’d think that one reason would be is because golf is one of the few recreation options out there currently.”

Cupp also added that the weather has been “Glorious. Where as the last two years have been anything but.”

“Golf isn’t easy,” Cupp said. “If you want to enjoy it more, a lesson or two is a great investment.”

According to an Associated Press report, rounds that were played in May were up 6% from May 2019. In June, rounds were up almost 14%. And if the current trend continues, the article says that 2020 could end up producing about 2% more rounds played than 2019.

The article also says that back in 2005, when Tiger Woods was in his prime, there were about 30 million golfers in the United States.

By 2010, that number fell to 26.1 million and in 2018, that number was down to 24 million.

But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, golf is getting a fresh start.


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