Children and parents take part in interactive Harry Potter movie at Kirkland Town Library


CLINTON — The upstairs auditorium at Kirkland Town Library, 55 1/2 College St., was packed with magic and fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Wednesday, Feb. 20 as movie goers took part in an interactive viewing of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Children, parents, grandparents and guardians were each given a paper lunch bag filled with props and directions in when they would come into use. There was even a taste of interactive theater as everyone was encouraged to recite impromptu lines during certain scenes.

“Say whaaat?,” was the audience’s response when the great wizard Dumbledore warned the young wizards and witches in training to stay out of the third floor corridor of the Hogwarts magic school or they would die “a most painful death.”

When Harry Potter was gifted a birthday cake on his big day by his new friend Hagrid, it was an opportunity for participants to reach into their bags and pull out their birthday cake-flavored Oreo cookie, so that everyone would enjoy a treat. After characters in the movie boarded the Hogwarts Express train on their way to school, there was a scene where children got to enjoy gummy worms and jelly beans, similar to what Harry and his friend Ron Weasley snacked on.

There was a facial tissue in the bag as well, and everyone was directed to wipe their noses when Hermione Granger informed Ron that he had dirt on his nose. And as students in the movie wore the Sorting Hat and were directed into their academic houses, children were encouraged to cheer once their house was called, if they knew what it was. Author Rowling’s company, Pottermore, Ltd., has a website where a personality-type test determines to what house fans belong.

Everyone also got a chance to choose their own wand as Harry was purchasing his own — a tasty, cherry red Twizzlers candy.

For “Bonus Fun,” children were directed to raise their hand when Hermione did in class, hug their “best friend” when Hedwig appeared and shout, “Ahhh don’t say his name!,” when the evil Voldemort was mentioned.


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