Area resident calls on legislator to recognize union members


As a local businessman and Oneida County legislator, Mr. George Joseph should be made aware of the organized labor services he is provided when he erroneously and brazenly describes union members as, “people who don’t quite meet expectations.”

It should be pointed out to him that these union members include those workers who pave the highways leading to his home and business locations, those that protect his property and well-being from fire and theft, those that teach our children and those that deliver and ship his mail and freight. Our nurses and lab workers are also union members he might one day be thankful for as well as the telephone and electrical workers he relies on daily.

He should also consider the fact that the musicians he listens to and the actors he praises on TV, or the movies, are among those that belong to unions. Mr. Joseph should further understand that many of the very customers he sells his products to are honorable and caring union members who have proudly met their “highest expectations.” They are also taxpaying citizens who vote in elections.

All of those described and many others surely omitted are owed more than an apology from him. Being a local business owner and politician, it is in his best interest to do so.

— Tony DeBella,



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