Marriage licenses — Oct. 2, 2017

Published Oct 2, 2017 at 4:00pm

Tyshaun K. Thomas and Demi M. Grant, both of Rome.

Nathaneal P. Drummond and Nicole A. Beacraft, both of Rome.

Timothy J. Ingersoll Jr. and Katie R. Cullop, both of Lee Center.

Edward J. Donovan Jr. and Amanda M. Bassett, both of Rome,

Laurence T. Mehl and Brienna L. Watkins, both of Blossvale.

Adam T. Bellinger and Courtney M. Holtham, both of Rome.

Paul G. Home and June M. Webb, both of Blossvale.

Peter A. Monahan and Chelsea R. Knudsen, both of Ava.

Paul J. Maitland, Lee Center, and Morgan A. Gualtieri, Camden.

Matthew A. Duda, Clinton, and Ashley L. Galvin, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

Matthew F. Conover and Elizabeth M. Clemens, both of Rome.

Ross A. Marullo and Ashley M. Kaplan, both of Rome.

Julian S. Tillman and Melissa H. Barringer, both of Rome.

Buster T. Witt and Eileen E. Coffman, both of Lee Center.

Patrick S. Fletcher and Tracy L. Golden, both of Rome.

Jeffrey E. Little and Brycelyn M. Boardman, both of Harrisonburg, Va.

Peyton B. Dziura and Brittany L. Johnson, both of Rome.

Adenawel Ledesma and Meriah C. Beauvais, both of Rome.

Eric C. Furbeck and Erika L. Furbeck, both of Rome.

Bryan J. McCanney and Kelly L. Hawkins, both of Rome.

Kristopher J. Towne and Alexis M. Laman, both of Rome.

Melanie M. Wilson and Becky S. Rupert, both of Rome.

Brett A. Sansoucy and Theresa M. Tucker, both of Lee Center.

Bryce C. Meyers, Wampsville, and Neena M. Whitmore, Westfield, Mass.

Sabrina R. Pezzula and Ashley M. Sherman, both of Rome.

Simon A. Mills and Tiffany M. Ovieda, both of Boonville.

Jonathan Stephens IV and Lisa M. Wilson, both of Rome.

Gerard A. Snow and Rebecka L. Clifford, both of Rome.

Ryan P. Crever and Sarah C. Godkin, both of Rome.

Dustin L. Shields and Jean M. Lovett, both of Rome.

Daniel D. Roberts and Cassandra L. Luther, both of Rome.

Jonathan H. Boucher and Kari R. Myers, both of Rome.

Matthew J. Collins and Tasha L. Johnson, both of Beavercreek, Ohio.

Steven D. Skinner and Jennifer L. Hartman, both of Rome.

Cedric C. Smith and Ebony L. Gilliam, both of Rome.

Seth Eliot Miller and Morgan L. Boshart, both of Rome.

Dustin A. Young and Erika M. Page, both of Rome.

Joseph J. Gualtieri III and Leyshka Caro, both of Rome.

Justin L. Jaegers and Sierra R. Coonrod, both of Rome.

Timothy G. B. Weber and Joni K. Flores, both of Rome.

Thomas J. Norris and Heather H. Foster, both of Rome.

Jason M. Williams and Leslie A. Lemieux, both of Hermitage, Tenn.

Clayton A. Knutti and Naomi C. Ciaramella, both of Rome.

Jacob A. Mahoney and Scotti M. Marshall, both of Rome.

Ryan L. Kirk and Krisalin L. Ricks-Benas, both of Frisco, Texas.

Michael T. Mayhew and Daquarie E. Webb, both of Oneida.

John A. Moore and Samantha J. Siver, both of Rome.

John B. Mortise and Jessica N. Campbell, both of Rome.

Christian E. Brown, Rome, and Tina M. Brown, Utica.

Herbert J. Long III and Savannah K. Brandt, both of Rome.

Wiliam J. Bocchi III and Genna J. Mitchell, both of Rome.

Bernard O. Jowers I and Sarah G. LaBarr, both of Rome.

Gary DelNero Jr. and Alison L. Klingmeyer, both of Rome.

William J. Wilbur Jr., Ava, and Adrianna D. Toddard, Rome.

Brandon D. Bertrand and Alexis R. Zakala, both of Rome.

Steven M. Grass and Randi J. Skinner, both of Rome.

Mark D. Merchant and Nikki L. VanDresar, both of Rome.

Rodney P. Clark and Michele F. Truax, both of Rome.