Marriage licenses — June 5, 2017

Published Jun 5, 2017 at 4:00pm

Ryan M. Perks and Lindsay M. Chlebus, both of Arlington, Texas.

Joshua M. Sipley and Chelsea L. Witt, both of Verona.

Robert L. H. Smith and Tamara A. Wright, both of Rome.

Thaw Wah and Renee M. Kennedy, both of Rome.

Hamza A. Essarghini, of Utica, and Myranda L. Abel, of Rome.

Daniel L. White and Samantha A. Goodman, both of Rome.

Carlos J. Riofrio Ulloa, of West Palm Beach, Fla., and Ana M. Astorga, of Rome.

Carmen P. Guiliano and Nikki J. Gummer, both of Rome.

Brendan J. Mizgala and Bethany R. Humphrey, both of Rome.

Robert J. Marion Jr. and Stephanie R. Birkmier, both of Rome.

Jason M. Swistak and Jillian L. Scerra, both of Rome.

Carl L. Cassada Jr. and Melodye R. Maxson, both of Mint Hill, N.C.

John C. Mogensen Jr. and Madora D. Waters, both of Rome.

David A. Kalk and Karlene R. Sunday, both of Camden.

James A. Byrnes and Carol J. Pryce-Jones, both of Rome.

James Collazo Jr. and Amber E. Schultz, both of Rome.

Casner Chapoteau, of Pierrefonds, Quebec, and Marolande Sainvius, of Rome.

Shaun W. Patrick and Sherry D. Dote, both of Rome.

Joshua D. Rogers and Joy J. Willson, both of Taberg.

Timothy J. Kleber and Chantel E. Keane, both of Rome.