Marriage licenses — Aug. 7, 2017

Published Aug 7, 2017 at 4:00pm

Joseph J. P. Cavano and Jacquelyn F. Benedict, both of Lee Center.

Thomas A. Sestito and Jenna M. Crofoot, both of Rome.

Scott T. Royce and Nicole M. Brement, both of Rome.

George A. Allen and Elizabeth J. Doty, both of Rome.

Richard J. Gregory of Oneonta and Taylor A. Begnoche of Rome.

Steven M. Pawlikowski and Nichole M. Ano, both of Vernon.

Jeffrey M. Spitzer and Elise D. Richmond-Whitney, both of Cleveland.

Seth Papa and Margaryta Deyneko, both of Rome.

Matthew P. Mullin and Mary L. Lambert, both of Rome.

Jermain A. Roland and Amy M. Dillman, both of Rome.

William E. Kahler IV and Samantha K. Rossi, both of Rome.

Steven J. Dean and Ashley L. Smaldon, both of St. Cloud, Fla.

Daniel S. DiMaggio and Angela E. Hill, both of Rome.

Daniel L. Bush and Melissa A. Lloyd, both of Rome.

Andrew R. Barnard of North Tonawanda and Amanda M. Lacey of Rome.

David C. Proper and Jamie L. Korman, both of Rome.

Nicholas M. Argenzia and Abigail S. Williams, both of Rome,

Jerry J. Dingman and Pamela G. Janowski, both of Blossvale.

Musco Millner III and Lisa C. Mennig, both of Rome.

Benjamin A. Bungert and Autumn L. Thornton, both of Rome.

Gary W. Carpenter and Stefanie A. Smith, both of Camden.

Walter R. Park and Lauren A. Nowak, both of Rome.

William H. Walker and Kirstin F. Impicciatore, both of Rome.

Joseph M. Bolton and Carrie A. Storey, both of Rome.

Thomas E. Lawrence and Kayla M. Buttignol, both of Rome.

Daniel G. Bragg and Billie Jo Unbankes, both of Rome.

Alan J. Tanner and Misty R. Young, both of Remsen.

Brian K. Kimball Jr. and Brittany M. Edwards, both of Rome.

Ryan F. Stockbridge and Kristen E. Hildreth, both of Rome.

Kevin M. Peach and Kierstin M. Krul, both of Alexandria, Va.

Michael A. Palmieri and Pamela M. Harosia, both of Camden.

Ryan A. Beekman and Nicole M. LaDue, both of Rome.

Tiffany M. Saunders and Stacey M. Cullop, both of Rome.

Paul H. Perry III and Joelle M. Almas, both of Rome.