Marriage licenses — April 3, 2017

Published Apr 3, 2017 at 4:00pm

Marc J. Ceklovsky and Robin J. Cain, both of Rome.

Jesse J. McGinnis and Lisalle Sulivera, both of Rome.

Jason H. Brady and Shari M. Rogers, both of Rome.

Gregory D. Jerome and Colleen A. Sanzone, of Rome.

Brandon K. Beatty and Diane V. Manuele, both of Rome.

Michael J. Brown and Ariel M. Schwendeman, both of Frankfort, Herkimer County.

Kenneth A. Fox, of Cleveland, and Ashley E. Oakes, of Rome.

Kevin A. Magnanti and Alyssa M. Gennaro, both of Rome.

Jason A. Newton and Danica L. Sand, both of Rome.

Francis J. Kiernan and Gabrielle R. White, both of Rome.