Thoughts on abuse of power


What Senate Democrats did to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was despicable. They took advantage of her in an unseemly pursuit of power.

They showed they were willing to destroy lives, trample on due process, and undermine the Constitution — because that’s what they have gotten away with before.

Senate Democrats took a woman with sensitive memories of mistreatment 36 years ago, and instead of treating her with the forensic counseling and care she deserved, put her in the hands of political lawyers. Those lawyers kept her from committee investigators. They violated her privacy by leaking her confidential letter to the press.

Instead of allowing the FBI to investigate her claims confidentially in a timely and professional manner, they hid her concerns until it was politically expedient for their party.

Then they set her up on a public stage to face unnecessary interrogation while they preened and pontificated at her side about how principled they were and how concerned they were for her and the future of our country.

Republican counsel at the hearing patiently and respectfully questioned Ford as her answers unwrapped how Senate Democrats had used her. In between Republican questions, insincere Democrats on the panel dissembled.

Finally, an irate Sen. Lindsey Graham—who had voted for Obama’s Democrat Supreme Court justices Sotomayor and Kagan and who regularly reached across the aisle—called Senate Democrats to task. His five minute revelation is worth listening to at

Both Ford and Kavanaugh were victims of Senate Democrats, Graham said. Had Senate Democrats handled this properly, had Ford’s accusations been investigated six weeks ago, had corroborating evidence been found, the candidate might have been withdrawn, the hearings might never have been held, and Ford could have been spared so much.

If Senate Democrats were willing to do this to regain power, Graham said, he hoped they would never sit in a seat of power again.

In the end, Ford didn’t present any more evidence against the nominee than she already had, which was none. Sworn statements by others named did not corroborate her claims. However, the evidence against Senate Democrats was overwhelming.

Senate Democrats were willing to give up all the principles of American jurisprudence, subvert the concept that one is innocent until proven guilty, trample on the rules of the Senate, undermine the press, and manipulate the public for what? For the possibility of gaining power in the midterm elections?

Now they face losing more.

Was it worth it?

— SBWaters


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