Snowmobile patrol vs. sidewalks


Back in the early 1990s when I set out to build snowmobile trails out of the city, my shop was on the end of Erie Boulevard, which is the middle now. Every time police had a run-in with smomobiles on city streets they would show up at my shop. At that time I was into racing sleds. So after some hard work my friends and I built trails out of Rome. We had great landowners who were very understanding. We even had a great relationship with the city over the trails.

Snowmobiling has brought millions to the area. It is a self-supporting sport through registrations and with that the state holds back funds to help pay for things like patrols. The amount that the city receives is a drop in the bucket for the cost of running the patrols.

So the other half to this story is sidewalks. Your city has made the choice to spend thousands on snowmobile patrols and not spend the money on taking care of the city and plowing city sidewalks. I almost every day do my Rome run, and I pass by Walmart and coming down the boulevard is a woman pulling her food cart walking in the road because the sidewalk is unplowed. I have been keeping track all winter and it has been only cleared twice.

My manufacturing company needs more space but has no where to go in Rome. I even looked to build on the base a few years back and was told: You are not what we are looking for up there. What are they looking for?

— Eric Centro, Town of Lee


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