Shame on us for re-electing these legislators


Since the November Oneida County elections, look what’s happened. County minority leader has appointed his brother as a member of the county ethics committee, the legislators supported the first $400 million budget, passed a major pay raise to themselves, and later went along with an increase for the full-time county elected officials.

Furthermore, they continue pushing ahead on a major hospital project costing state and local taxpayers hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars without public referendum.

Never holding anyone accountable for the $500 million project at Marcy that didn’t produce the thousands of jobs promised. To go along with these same characters pushing this hospital plan is foolish and unwarranted.

Remember, these are also the same people that pushed the casino in Verona without a public referendum, without meeting federal guidelines or environmental standards and not offering or paying local governments the same dollars that every other state-Indian agreement paid the local government.

This is the same county government that wants to sue pharmaceutical companies to recover health expenses from the opiate crisis. Does anyone who is being treated for opiate abuse or has lost a family member really think they are to receive money?

Shame on them but more importantly, shame on us for re-electing them.

— Michael Hennessy, Sherrill


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