Public places don’t need public servants’ names


There are several locations named for state Sen. Joe Griffo. Among them, a building at the county fairgrounds bears his name. His name even adorns Rome City Hall and its lawn.

I suggest that our living political leaders from both parties eschew such honors. The Destitos and Griffos do not need to be honored on buildings and street corners. These are taxpayer-owned places, and taxpayers have provided politicians with enough – a salary and benefits. They serve us, and it does not serve the citizenry to have taxpayer-paid endorsements of politically elected employees.

They don’t need to be honored, they should feel honored that we have provided for them all of these years.

Did we get to vote on the naming of our publicly owned locations for a politician? Why not rename our fair city Griffoville, Griffopolis or even Griffopia to honor the great success of Rome in the 25 years since he became mayor and launched his political career. Has Rome really become such a better place due to his accomplishments? Has he really accomplished so much?

Accomplished or not, it is simply wrong to name taxpayer-owned places for any current public servant.

— Peter W. Antonowicz, Ava


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