Pleased that Assemblywoman Harris has resigned


I have once again spoke out against corruption in Albany, and more specifically regarding ex-Assemblywoman Pamela Harris from New York City who announced her resignation last week.

I’ve called for Harris’ resignation earlier this year when she was originally indicted on federal corruption charges for defrauding the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“I am pleased to see that Pamela Harris has formally resigned as the representative of the 46th Assembly District,” said Miller. “That said, this should have come months ago when she was first indicted for defrauding FEMA and those who truly need recovery aid. She stole from those she represents, but still had the nerve to retain that post. Until her official resignation, she was eligible to earn her salary as an elected official despite the fact that she missed nearly half of the scheduled session days. She was barely in Albany, but was able to collect a paycheck. I believe she should return the pay she collected for ‘representing’ her district this year. Both the Assembly and Senate must come to an agreement and pass legitimate ethics reform legislation – with teeth – to rout out the rampant corruption in its membership.”

Pamela Harris has not been present for 48 percent of legislative session days in 2018 and missed 40 percent of all votes taken.

I originally called for Harris’ resignation in January:

“I find the alleged acts of Assemblywoman Pamela Harris to be reprehensible and disgusting,” he said in his previous statement.

“As a representative of residents who lost homes and businesses due to disastrous flooding this past summer, I am appalled. While we continue to fight with FEMA to help our community recover and make our residents whole again, this woman has stolen from funds reserved for victims of Hurricane Sandy who are dealing with similar and worse.

“As a member of the New York State Assembly who is charged with representing the people of this state, I am embarrassed. This is yet another example of the rampant corruption that goes on in Albany, something I have vowed to fight against. Ms. Harris is now among a growing group of disgraced legislators who believe they are above the law. Given the seriousness of the charges facing her, it is clear that Ms. Harris is unable to fairly and honestly represent the people of her district. I am calling for Ms. Harris to resign her office and the right to represent the people she defrauded and stole from, immediately. This must end.”

Harris was indicted on multiple charges related to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from needy children, and $25,000 in FEMA housing assistance, claiming her home was uninhabitable due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Many residents in the Mohawk Valley are still struggling to obtain FEMA aid to recover from flooding last summer.


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