God calls on us to embrace our capabilities


I have a friend that sings all the time. She has this incredibly beautiful voice and can sing different genres of music with ease. She just loves singing. It’s part of who she is when she is her best self.

In fact, I always know if she is troubled or sick because the music will stop and its absence is palpable.

But the moment that her world is right again the music within her begins to dance around her scattering happiness like sunlight reflecting on the water.

So one day I asked her to sing as part of an upcoming presentation. I could envision her capturing the listener’s hearts and knew she was created for this. She, however, thought otherwise.

I was completely shocked by her response to this opportunity. Fear took over her expression and she began to give me a detailed account of her faults and inabilities intending to convince me that she was not qualified to meet this request. She obviously did not see in herself what I was seeing in her.

I was reminded of an account of Israel’s history and one verse that caught my attention from Acts 7:22, “Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action.”

Wait! What? This isn’t the Moses I remember reading about in Exodus chapters three and four. The Moses that stood before God at the burning bush as God laid out the plans and purposes for his life and his response was something similar to, “I can’t.”

The same Moses that had excuses bubbling out of him trying to make God aware of every fault he knew in himself, that he was slow in his speech, not eloquent and certainly not qualified for carrying out the plans God was proposing.

Like my beautifully vocal friend, Moses’ own view of himself was distorted and his fears and doubts in himself were the only lens he was able to view the future through. He was too aware of his past and couldn’t see his potential.

But God saw so much more. And as we read from the account in Acts, Moses was much more equipped than he had the confidence for.  

God wasn’t asking Moses to be something he wasn’t, nor was he looking for perfection. He was looking to use what was already inherent in him and incorporate that into a landscape and vision that Moses was unaware of.

Just like my friend who already had the gifting, skill and opportunity, all that was required next was the willingness to respond. Has God invited you to do something that scares you? Move past the excuses of your self-doubt and trust his choice to use you?

He is asking you because he’s already equipped you.


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