Despite superintendent’s comments, schools can become more secure


I was appalled when I read Superintendent Peter C. Blake’s comments regarding school safety, as well as, I’m sure were a lot of other parents. I really don’t think that we, as parents, believe that all gun violence in schools or on school grounds can be prevented. That would be unreasonable Mr. Superintendent.

We believe that certain steps can be made to mitigate gun violence in and around schools. Surely doing something, is better than doing nothing at all. Currently, at the elementary schools in Rome, there is no security personnel when school is dismissed.None.

This, Mr. Superintendent, would be considered a soft target. I’m sure we are all familiar with the definition of a soft target. If there were one armed security guard positioned outside during dismissal in plain view resulting in someone thinking twice before committing a crime or preventing a crime, wouldn’t it be worth the effort put forth Mr. Superintendent? I do agree that we need to address the social, emotional, and mental health of our children, but as you well know, putting measures in place is a big task and instituting them will take years.

In the meantime, don’t you think it is imperative to take other measures to help with the safety of our vulnerable children? I’m sorry Mr. Superintendent, but I, as well as many other parents, disagree with your article. We do not think that schools “would have to be made into maximum security prisons to cut down on all gun violence.” That statement is preposterous. I don’t believe that everything is being done within the district’s power to ensure our children’s safety at this time. I think that you and certain law enforcement have had a nonchalant attitude regarding this subject. Ask yourself this question: do you think the district or parents of Parkland Florida high school or the 24 other shootings at U.S elementary, middle, or high schools including Columbine, ever thought the shootings and slaughter of innocent children would happen to them?

— Gary Uvanni, Rome 


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