Customers’ ‘positive change’ propels Revere


Revere Copper Products continues to see a favorable business climate this year, and is focused on improving the “customer experience” it offers, says company Marketing Manager Amy O’Shaughnessy.

She cited a “positive change” in customers’ demand beginning in fall 2016 that continued throughout 2017. The Rome-based company attributes this to a 2016 change in its strategic direction plus the overall state of the economy.

Revere in 2016 eliminated its brass and extruded products markets, making a transition to a copper-only mill.

“The change was successful and has allowed Revere to better serve our customers with a quality product, having short lead times, and delivering on time,” O’Shaughnessy commented.

O’Shaughnessy also noted “historically, the copper industry has been under attack from competing materials, like aluminum, that can often be used as a substitute product in some of the end uses. The difference in the base commodity price between copper and substitute metals is a main driver.”

She further said, “on the opposite side of the spectrum, the shift that is taking place in the automobile market with electric vehicles (EVs) is a positive area of growth for copper.” She added that “each EV uses significantly more copper than traditional gas/diesel-fueled vehicles.”

Among markets served by Revere, which has about 315 employees, are architectural, electrical, air conditioning and antimicrobial. Among products are coil and strip, sheet and plate, and bar.

The company was founded by American patriot and entrepreneur Paul Revere in 1801. It is among America’s oldest manufacturing companies.


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