County poised to increase snow plow payments


The 27 municipalities that have snow-plowing contracts with Oneida County are in line to receive a payment increase of $200 per mile due to harsh conditions the past two winters.

The increase, announced Tuesday by County Executive Anthony J. PIcente Jr., was to be considered for approval this afternoon by the county Board of Legislators.

Picente said “these past two winters have been unforgiving to communities throughout the county and have put added stresses on our municipalities. I am happy that along with the Board of Legislators, we are able to reduce the financial burden that has been placed on our partners who contract with us to remove the snow and ice from our roads and keep our residents safe.”

Heavy snow in the winters of 2016-17 and 2017-18 resulted in higher-than-average costs for the municipalities, said the county Department of Public Works (DPW).

The one-time additional payment of $200 per mile will be funded through unanticipated revenue from the county’s Consolidated Highway Aid fund. The original two-year contract pays the municipalities $6,000 per mile.

DPW Commissioner Dennis Davis said “the towns that plow our county roads, along with their own, have done a tremendous job under severe weather circumstances.” Board of Legislators Chairman Gerald J. Fiorini, R-7, Rome, noted “the work that they do, often during harsh conditions and long hours, to help make sure the roads are clear is so important.”

Among the municipalities, their miles contracted, and additional money to be received:

Annsville — 17.9 miles, $3,580;

Ava — 16.07 miles, $3,214;

Boonville — 17.99 miles, $3,598;

Bridgewater — 13.5 miles, $2,700;

Camden — 25.49 miles, $5,098;

Deerfield — 17.46 miles, $3,492;

Florence — 8.87 miles, $1,774;

Floyd — 30.69 miles, $6,138;

Forestport — 15.91 miles, $3,182;

Kirkland — 26.43 miles, $5,286;

Lee — 23.42 miles, $4,684;

Marcy — 33.84 miles, $6,768;

Marshall — 15.18 miles, $3,036;

New Hartford — 20.19 miles, $4,038;

Paris — 28.2 miles, $5,640;

Remsen — 21.86 miles; $4,372;

Rome — 15.01 miles, $3,002;

Sangerfield — 15.47 miles, $3,094;

Sherrill — 1.01 miles, $202;

Steuben — 23.3 miles, $4,660;

Trenton — 29.42 miles, $5,884;

Vernon — 25.3 miles, $5,060;

Verona — 30.45 miles, $6,090;

Vienna — 20.34 miles, $4,068;

Western — 16.52 miles, $3,304;

Westmoreland — 35.21 miles, $7,042;

Whitestown — 29.66 miles, $5,932.

“Oneida County has nearly 600 miles of county roads to plow each winter, and it contracts out most of them to municipalities,” said legislator Michael B. Waterman, R-5, Camden, chairman of the Public Works Committee. “The additional payment is a way to recognize the work they do, often night-to-dawn, to keep the highways passable and safe.”


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