For the Love of Bob

Special Long-time followers of Frank Page and Bob the Squirrel from throughout the country and around the world shared their thoughts... Cartoonists are a rare breed, tolling away at the drawing board for hours at a time, often with little contact to the outside world. Even in the age of the Internet and ubiquitous communications, cartoonists don’t always get a real sense of the... 6:22am 04/03/15

Interview with a squirrel: Up close and personal with Bob

Special Q: Well Bob, it’s been for almost 13 years that readers have enjoyed reading about your life in the Rome Daily Sentinel. Exactly how long is that in squirrel years? Bob: (Pause) Did you seriously just ask that question? I mean, come on. Is that how this interview is going to go? (Rustling, chair tipping)...Maybe I just need to go climb a tree or something. Ehhhhhh... Q: Sorry... 6:21am 04/03/15