Burdick & Enea Memorials monument tips

Burdick & Enea Memorials, 56 Utica St., Clinton, has some reminders when it comes to purchasing a marker for the first time or cleaning and repairing one that’s in need of a sprucing up. Call us at 853-5444 or visit www.dwmonuments.com. 4:00pm 03/23/16

White’s Farm Supply offer these tips to get your mower ready

The experts at White’s Farm Supply, Inc., located in Canastota, Franklin, Lowville and Waterville, have 70 years experience of getting your mower ready. 1. First thing is to be sure rodents didn’t build a new home in your mower. 2. Check battery and connections, change oil and filters and change fluids. 3. Sharpen blades or replace level deck, clean or replace air cleaner. 4.... 4:00pm 03/23/16

Get rid of your empty bottles and cans easily

Spring cleaning can include making space by getting rid of empty bottles and cans. Green World Bottle Return, 1318 Erie Blvd. W., is “a one stop where people can return most water, soda and beer bottles and cans that have NY five-cent deposits on them,” the company noted. Bring in bags; there’s no need to insert them into machines. The staff will count them for you and give... 4:00pm 03/23/16

Express Auto Wash

4:00pm 03/23/16

Recover your vehicle from the winter

Summit Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram, at 1553 Upper Lenox Ave., Oneida, has a few tips to help vehicles recover from the winter. 4:00pm 03/23/16

Gary's Music

4:00pm 03/23/16

Gem Boutique

4:00pm 03/23/16

AAA Pic and Pay Lumber

4:00pm 03/23/16

Alan Byer Foreign Auto

4:00pm 03/23/16

Pohl’s Feedway offers tips on pond cleaning

The experts at Pohl’s Feedway, located at 4560 Verona St. in Vernon, offer a pair of tips on pond cleaning. • Pond dye — apply as soon as ice is off pond. This will help to control weeds and algae. • Barley straw — it has become more common for controlling excessive algae growth. Barley straw inhibits new growth of algae. It has also been associated with increased gill... 4:00pm 03/23/16