RAY OF HOPE — Oneida Healthcare Center’s Lead Mammographer stands alongside the 3D imaging device at Gorman Imaging Center. The state-of-the-art device has provided advanced breast cancer analysis to over thousands of patients since its installation in 2015. (Sentinel photo by Roger Seibert)

3D imaging covers all the angles at Oneida Healthcare

Published Oct 5, 2017 at 12:00pm

Oneida Healthcare approaches mammograms from many different angles — more than two dozen of them to be precise, with each of these views available through an advanced 3D imaging device that provides potentially life-saving diagnoses to patients.

Oneida Healthcare’s 3D imaging equipment provides views that doctors and nurses wouldn’t have through traditional two-dimensional imaging, according to the hospital. “This lets us evaluate lesions and growths regardless of the density or fatty content of the breasts being examined with up to a 30% increase in detection compared to a regular mammo.”

A proper diagnosis, experts say, allows for better treatment and a chance to keep the detection of a growth in perspective. And a proper diagnosis gives patients the most crucial tool in fighting breast cancer: time.

Breast cancer has a very high survival rate when diagnosed early, experts say. The American Cancer Society recommends yearly breast examinations for women starting at age 40.

Compounding to the anxiety of a breast exam is the physical discomfort during the exam. Patients and healthcare practicioners say that the 3D imagining machine lessens the discomfort, although there is a trade-off.

The machine makes the exam more comfortable than what is normal, although it lasts slightly longer in order to take a complete view of the breasts, OHC officials said. And a patient will absorb a bit more radiation during the exam, but not much, again, because it takes a little longer to allow the machine to get a complete view of the breasts.

OHC also promotes convenience for the exam. Under state Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s “Get Screened, No Excuses” program, 210 breast cancer screening centers statewide are required to remain open an additional four hours each day to accommodate women with busy schedules.

There is also no copay or deductible required for mammo screening including 3D.

Oneida Healthcare serves patients primarily from Madison and Oneida County, and has a Women’s Health Associated office in Rome at 8080 Turin Road. They are accepting new patients. Visit womenshealthoneida.com for more information.