Tastebuds ready for action at wonderful Rome restaurants

Published Mar 19, 2017 at 9:00am

I traveled to Rome last week after being away since Thanksgiving. When I landed in Syracuse the excitement started to build.

I am not used to the snow, living in Charlotte for the winter months, and the effects of Winter Storm Stella was incredible.

I navigated through the slush and as I drove over the arterial and saw our church steeples, butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

Except for two years in the Army and a stint in Vietnam, I have never been away
this long from my hometown that I love.

The restaurants in Rome are incredibly delicious — and I crave Rome food when I’m away.

I start the morning with a coffee and egg sandwich at Dippin’ Donuts.

Dimitrios Zourdos and his sidekick KK always make me feel so welcome.

In the South, most restaurants have never heard of haddock. When I ask for a fish fry they want to serve me catfish.

My first stop on Friday will be Stan’s Seafood. This place is a tradition in Rome like no other. I order mine with coleslaw and french fries. Why does it taste better during Lent?

Tony’s Pizza on West Thomas Street is my lunch stop. I love the way they cut it and the crust is amazing. I order mine with double cheese and hot sauce on the side. This pizza parlor is a Rome treasure.

• Pick of the week: I pick Notre Dame to beat UCLA for the NCAA championship. My sleeper team’s are Middle Tennessee State and Miami.

• Do you remember Carl Colgan? He coached at the NYSSD from 1970 until his retirement a few years ago. His hometown was King Ferry and he went to college at Ithaca. He played college basketball and played in the Rome Recreation League back in the day. He was 6-foot-5 and was one of the best shooters I have ever played with. Carl devoted his life to deaf education and coaching the children in the game he loved. He is now retired and spends most of his recreation life in Myrtle Beach playing golf.

Rome sport nickname: Carl Colgan “The Big Fella!”

Geek of the week: LaVar Ball who is the father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball. He said that he could beat Michael Jordan in his day and that his son is better than Stephen Curry. Ridiculous!

• My pick for Irish athlete of the year goes again to RFA senior Erin Reilly. This amazing athlete has played three varsity sports for the Lady Black Knights in soccer, basketball and softball. I don’t know how she ever managed her time. Her GPA is 93.21 and has narrowed her college choices to Ithaca, St. John Fisher and Geneseo. Her family is so proud of her.

• Last week at a Starbucks in Charlotte I had coffee with Joe Gibbs. He told me that he would have six Super Bowl rings if it weren’t for my New York Giants. He told me that he loves NASCAR and it’s the only professional sport that starts out with a prayer. What a special man he is.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all my friends and I hope to see many of you this weekend.