FIRST PLACE — The Spice Girls, sponsored by All Seasonings Ingredients of Oneida, finished on top of the Rome Women’s Softball regular season standings this summer. Coaches Brian Chase and Kevin Brockway of Rome, led the squad to a 15-3 record, tying them with perennial contenders The Palisades and the Golden Girls. After all the tiebreakers were counted, run differential was the deciding factor in the Spice Girls win. Golden Girls placed second and The Palisades took third. Pictured, front row, from left are Jody Baker, Tracy Labarge Solon, Haley Butler, Kayla Dunning, Katie Loomis, Lacey Magnanti, Krista Stubba, Lindsay Regan and Marissa Pietruch. Top row, from left, are coach Brockway, Brittany Lenaghen, Brittany Farnach, Liz Dennis, Brandi LaNoce Blanchard, Katie Wutsch, Mikayla Blumenstock, Michelle Wishart and coach Chase. (Photo submitted)

Spice Girls finish at the top of Rome Women's Softball

Published Sep 10, 2017 at 9:00am