Search looms for cat missing after house fire in city

Published Mar 18, 2018 at 9:00am

The search is on for an all-white cat that has been missing since the house fire on North Madison Street earlier this month.

Owner Briana Ward, who lived upstairs at 609 1/2 N. Madison St., said her 7-year-old cat — named Yuki —  is unaccounted for after the fire torched her two-story residence on the afternoon of March 8. Yuki is a short-haired cat with all-white fur and blue eyes.

“I’m not sure if she did get out. If she did get out, she’ll probably be injured,” Ward said. She’s had Yuki for six years.

Yuki is also deaf, she added.

“That’s the one downside of finding her: she won’t respond to her name,” Ward said.

Yuki was one of two cats Ward owned. The other cat managed to escape the house fire and the family found him outside shortly thereafter. The other cat is recovering after suffering some burns.

“He hates the bandages on his feet, but at least he’s here,” Ward said.

The family will be visiting local shelters in search of Yuki and also printing off posters to put up around the city. Anyone who locates Yuki or has information on her whereabouts can call Ward at