Rome has many passionate sports fans

Published Nov 5, 2017 at 9:00am

Rome has the most passionate sports fans I have ever met. Did you know our city actually has fans who love teams like the Oakland A’s and Houston Astros?

Listed below are just a few I have known in my years of living in Rome.

Billy Vinci: He is the only Houston Astro fan I have ever met. For years he has been wearing that ugly orange uniform around town and telling everyone that this is their year. I wonder if it is because Nolan Ryan, who pitched for them, was a teammate of his late dad Billy Vinci Sr. while with the New York Mets. Congratulations on a great World Series victory Billy, you must be so happy.

Steve Reed: Alabama football is his passion and he actually took me to a LSU/Bama game in Birmingham many years ago. When they played Notre Dame in the National Championship game a few years ago I put a six-foot shamrock in his front yard. He hung a Crimson Tide flag on my house to get even.

Paul Pileckas: I used to have coffee with him every morning to get the Colgate football and hockey updates. He was a Red Raider graduate and one of Rome’s best attorneys. He is one of my favorite sports fans of all time.

Todd Dewan: When his Mets win a game he posts on Facebook, “Put it in the Books,” with the final score. I just love that.

Fred Talerico Jr.: Is always at an RFA sporting event and cheers harder than any Black Knight fan I know. 

Joe Benner: Gets my vote for the biggest Notre Dame fan. He drives out to South Bend for a game every year and wears Irish gear all the time.

Paul Lucci: He was the President of the Central New York Giant Touchdown Club. The players would come to our banquet and sleep at his house. (Lawrence Taylor and Joe Morris). He bleeds Giant Blue.

Ed O’Brien: This famous Rome broadcaster has been a Buffalo Bills fan since the AFL. He once put Bills stickers on my delivery vans from Nunn’s. I still have not gotten over that raid on my business, but I will.

Joe Grisbeck: He is from Long Island and went to St. Johns and played Division I tennis. That explains why he is a New York Jet fan. His fantasy football team is even called Joe’s Jets.

Marilyn Carpenter: She watches every Penn State football game. I once invited her to come over to watch a Notre Dame game at my camp and she went in our bedroom to watch her Nittany Lions. She has lots of Penn State sweatshirts in her closet for sure.

Bob Taylor: Is an avid Oakland A’s fan. I am willing to bet he is the only person from Rome who loves the A’s.

Vinny Cianfrocco: He is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. His posts on Facebook show him in Cowboy gear. Vinny played football for RCH back in 2000 and was an outstanding tight end.

Pick of the week: (College) Virginia Tech 31, Miami 14. The Hurricanes are not that good.

Pick of the week: (NFL) Cowboys 28, Chiefs 20.

Next Monday is Veterans Day:

When you see someone in a uniform, Someone who serves us all, Doing Military duty,
Answering their country’s call,

Take a moment to thank them for protecting what you hold dear; Tell them you are proud of them; and make it very clear.

Tap them on that uniform, give a great smile, and SAY, “Thanks for what you’re doing to keep us safe in the USA!”