RFA marchers to host friends, family

Published Mar 19, 2017 at 9:00am


Staff writer

Rome Free Academy Marching Band will host a special Friends and Family Show at 4 p.m. Sunday at RFA gymnasium.

The 17-member indoor drumline, 15-member Junior-Varsity winterguard and 11-member varsity winterguard will each perform their 2017 shows as they prepare to head to state championships. The groups have been working since December and will share their progress with the community. At the conclusion of the show, staff members will honor three seniors: Kyle Abdelhak, varsity winterguard; Tommy Weir, indoor percussion/winterguard, floor crew; and Logan Carissimo, indoor percussion.

The varsity guard, in their fourth year of competition, has been very competitive this season, earning a first place finish at Central Square last weekend and currently holds the highest score in the Scholastic Regional A for all of New York. On Saturday, the guard will perform in Union Endicott.

The 2017 roster: Kyle Abdelhak, senior; Adriana Beckwith, sophomore; Kayla Bush, sophomore; Katie Campbell, junior; Alessandra Ciotti, junior; Darian Deeley, junior; Kaitlin Flint, sophomore; Emily Hallenbeck, junior; Alyssa Karas, junior; MaryKate Kennedy, junior; and Tori Wright, sophomore.

Varsity guard’s 2017 program is “Waitress,” with Sarah Bareilles’ Grammy-nominated songs from the Broadway musical. The backdrop is a diner as it opens for the day. Performers soon discover while there is comfort in familiarity, sometimes the best things happen when you put down the recipe and spin from the heart.

The guard is led onto the floor by captains Darian Deeley and Alyssa Karas, and is under the direction of Lindsay Mogle. Staff includes Michael Anderson-Carpenter, Jamie Mazur, Lauren Impicciatore and Taylor McLain.

“I feel that the season has been very successful for us as a team due to our level of trust and comfort around each other,” said junior Katie Campbell. “Our guard family helps me personally strive for success because we have this positive bond with each other to push each other to excel past limits that we couldn’t see ourselves. I’m really excited to see very familiar faces this Sunday because I have been waiting so long to perform in front of friends and family, and for them to see all the hard work that we have been putting into this show.”

Co-captain Alyssa Karas said the guard has excelled at “an amazing rate” throughout the year.

“I think the bond we have really shows while we are performing and the audience 8an feel our emotions,” the junior said. “Performing in front of our friends and family will be great because our competitions aren’t really close to home and I know we’re all proud of this show. We want to show what we’ve worked so hard for. This crowd will definitely hype us up for championships.”

The JV winter guard is performing in their second season of competition in the Mid-York Colorguard Circuit. The guard is made up of 15 performers in grades 6-10. They are using the 2004 Kelly Clarkson hit, “Since U Been Gone” to say goodbye to bad friends and bad influences in their 2017 show titled, “Gone.”

The guard is led by captains Miranda Camp and Rafael Rivera. They are under the direction of Michael Anderson-Carpenter and Lindsay Mogle. Instructors include Jamie Mazur, Lauren Impicciatore and Taylor McLain.

The Novice Class roster: Emily Brement, grade 8; Miranda Camp, grade 9; Andre Ciotti, grade 8; Elena Davis, grade 9; Kenneth Davis, grade 6; Rowan Parker, grade 9; Izabella Rivera, sophomore; Adelina Rivera, grade 8; Enrique Rivera, grade 6; Madison Sterling, grade 9; Emily Worth, grade 9; Becky Worth, grade 9; Becky Worth, grade 7; Rebecca Norman, sophomore; and Myia Wright, grade 8.

The indoor drum line, under the direction of Derek Sexton and Rich Galluppi, are in their second season of competition as well and will perform the show, “Tribal.” Staff members are also Jake Meiss, Melissa Rashford, Lindsay Mogle and Chris Mathias.

The drum line roster: Logan Carissimo, Zach Filer, Erin Lennon and Deven Hosley on snare; Reuben Morgan, Lexi Fragapane on quads; Steve Rothfritz, Zach Houle, Patrick O’Neil and Tommy Weir on bass; Hunter Pisaneschi, Emily Worth, Kenny Millson, Hayden McMonagle, Derek Klopotek, Mason Sharpe and Alex Zappavigna, front ensemble.