Put it in the books...

Published Apr 9, 2017 at 9:00am

My editor’s favorite saying. After each New York Mets’ win, Todd Dewan comments on Facebook with “put it in the books.” I saw it for the first time this year when the Mets won on opening day.

Todd’s comment made me smile. I smiled because it made me remember and reminisce about individuals who are no longer here and some who I just don’t see often enough. They all had a unique saying or habit that was solely their own.

My Dad used to whistle a silly tune. I can still hear it and have no idea the name of the song. He whistled it in a half whistle and half labored breath. It was very subtle, but he did it all the time. To hear it one more time from his lips and mouth would be priceless.

Bobby Triff used to open every sentence with a grunt, followed by a question. It didn’t matter what the occasion, Bobby would begin with “Ugh, what are you doing?”, or “Ugh, where are you going”, or “Ugh, you want a drink?” Triff was one of a kind, and Legends misses him greatly.

Butch Aquino had a million sayings, but when he looked down his nose under his glasses and mumbled, “for Jesus Christ,” somebody better get ready to duck. He said that to me on more than one occasion, and I would gladly take another beating to hear him say that to me one more time.

Tom Hoke, former Rome Free Academy coaching great, probably said “run it again” a billion times in his life. I remember playing for him and hearing it in my sleep. When I graduated, I believed I would never hear it again, but I went back to work for Coach many years later and guess what? Coach Hoke was still saying “run it again.”

• Over the course of many years, my Mom has said, “Peter, we need to talk.” That was usually an indication that she was aware of something that I had done and most likely should not have done. Fortunately, I have not heard that saying for some time, but you never know...LOL

I hope that you will think and reminisce about individuals in your life that had or have a unique way of doing or saying something. Sitting quietly, reminiscing, contemplating, reliving past experiences, etc... is a calming technique that brings peace into my existence. I suggest that you take time out of your day and spend quiet time alone to look back and relive those past experiences and remember those that brought you joy.

for tough jobs...

There are many jobs I just don’t want or can’t do and I appreciate those that do the tough jobs to make my life better. The garbage men who come each week, regardless of weather, and pick up “anything” I throw out are truly special. On occasion when I’m outside and they are picking up, I offer them a water or soda and on occasion when my garbage piles up, I offer them a few dollars to buy their first beer when they are done for the day.

The worker who brings all the shopping carts back to the store from all over the parking lot needs to be paid more money. He pushes the carts through mud and slush from all corners of the lot. People won’t even return the carts to the parking lot cart station. I always try to bring a cart or two back to the store when I go shopping and again on occasion I’ll give the guy a few dollars for doing a great job.

Take a few minutes out of your day to thank those who make your lives better. A tip or a thank you can mean the difference between a day from hell or day filled with blessings.

It’s the right thing to do

Decision making can be difficult, but I suggest if you do the right thing, your decision will be correct. The right thing may not and it usually isn’t the easiest decision, but in the long run it will serve you well. My life has become infinitely better since I began doing the right thing. It’s a shame wisdom only comes with age.

Have a great week and I look forward to sharing next week’s column, you’ll have to read it to believe it. Please remember to pray for those in need and a special prayer to all those struggling in their relationships. Remember what brought you together and look at what you have accomplished. Do not let poor choices or insignificance drive a wedge into your relationship. Talk it out and starting over is better together than alone.