Perseverance is important in sports, but even more so in everyday life

Published Apr 16, 2017 at 9:00am


Did any of you watch the Master’s golf tournament this past week?

Sergio Garcia won in a thrilling down to the wire match against Justin Rose. Sergio won in a playoff and it was his first “major” golf victory in 70-plus major starts.

Sergio was considered the best golfer never to win a major. For years he has knocked on the door, but never was able to cross the finish line in first place with respect to a “major.”

He has won multiple other tournaments and is a multi millionaire with many endorsements and is as famous as any of the top golfers, but until this victory, something was always missing.

Did Sergio quit when things didn’t go his way? No. Did Sergio make excuses when he didn’t win? No. Did Sergio act like a spoiled brat when majors slipped through his fingers? No.

What did Sergio do? Sergio persevered. Sergio overcame adversity and adjusted. Sergio acted like a gentleman and performed like a champion.

When Sergio made the final put to win his first major, you could see the satisfaction and pure joy in his eyes. You could feel the emotion through the TV. Sergio celebrated with his wife and you knew that the happiness came from a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Perseverance was the reason for victory.

I believe had Sergio behaved in a manner that had disrespected the game and or himself, he would still be seeking his first major golf title. What a great lesson for us all.

Sergio taught us all about not quitting, not making excuses, not letting disappointment get in the way of continuing to try. I’m not sure that after 70 disappointments could I or would I continue to act in a manner that brought credit or praise to the game and himself.

Yes, golf is just a game, but games and sports teaches us valuable lessons that overflow into our lives. As I look back at my life, I find that when I persevered, I won. When I quit, I lost.

It’s a pretty simple breakdown, but take a moment and examine a bit of your past. Revisit the W’s and L’s and see if perseverance was part of the equation in the W’s and see what was absent in the L’s.

What point am I trying to get across? I want each of you to persevere. Persevere in your struggles. Are your relationships in turmoil? Are your finances in shambles? Is work becoming too stressful? Are the children sapping every ounce of energy from your life?

Are responsibilities outweighing your resources? Do you feel you can’t continue? Is cancer debilitating you or a family member?

Whatever your situation, you are not alone and you can persevere. Take a page out of Sergio’s playbook and continue to fight the good fight. When you finally overcome the issue or obstacle, the taste of victory will be sweet.

I hope each of you has a great week and I look forward to sharing next week’s column, you’ll have to read it to believe it.

Please remember to pray for those in need and a special prayer for all to persevere during the Easter season.

What would have happened had Jesus not persevered? Thank God he did.

Happy Easter to all. Be well and be blessed.