Homework and study tips from the Rome Teachers Association

Published Jan 7, 2018 at 9:00am

Everyone is different. 

Students need to develop a style and routine that works best for them when it comes to studying and homework. 

Helping them to find what works, along with the attitude you express about studying and homework will ultimately have a huge impact. 

What follows are just some basic considerations that can help make it a positive, successful endeavor.

Time management is important

Don’t let your student leave it until the last minute.  Establish a set time each day for doing homework or a schedule for studying for an upcoming exam.  

Don‘t let them leave it until the night before an exam or  the last thing at night for homework.

Location, location, location

Where your student settles down to study can truly make a difference.  

While every student is different, there are certain considerations that can help make them more successful. 

In general, a quiet, well-lit place, relatively free of distractions  and having enough space for spreading out textbooks, notes, and other materials is important. 

However it is important to  remember that some students may feel more comfortable in a neat organized environment, while others thrive in clutter. 

Some study best with no noise while others do better with some background music. 

Last but not least, make sure the space is comfortable for them,  which will help them focus. Ultimately it is important to know your student and what works for them!

When is enough, enough? 

While your student may think it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, this can actually be counterproductive. 

Studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps. 

Make sure they know that it’s not a marathon and that they need to stop for breaks, whether  to get a snack or drink or just to move around for a while.  

Remember before an exam or while studying, sugary snacks may seem appealing, however they may not be the best choice! This is due to your energy levels crashing within an hour or so of eating.

Committed to students

The Rome Teachers Association is committed to providing information that may help parents, teachers and the community help all our students achieve.

Portions of this article were excerpted from the U.S. Department of Education Office publication:  Homework Tips.  A copy of the full publication can be found at: https://www2.ed.gov/parents/academic/involve/homework/homeworktips.pdf