Clemson will finally get the monkey off its back

Published Jan 8, 2017 at 9:00am

Well. We made it through another College Football season. One game left for all the marbles in a rematch of last year’s National Championship game between No.1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson.

Thoughts about the title game this season.

I think that Clemson will catch lightning in a bottle with DeShaun Watson leading his Tigers over the Tide. Don’t get me wrong, Jalen Hurts has been playing phenomenal football, but this past week, with the departure of Lane Kiffin, Hurts will be hurting. Kiffin left the Tide at the worst possible time, a week before the national title game.

I expect Alabama will grind this one out on the ground with Bo Scarbrough. Hurts will play a little role in the game, but not see as many touches as he did against Washington in the CFP semifinal game. Kiffin leaving ‘Bama will be a bigger factor in the game than any of the players’ impact.

For Clemson, Watson needs to limit the turnovers and be a game manager. He also needs to use his legs to exploit the Alabama’ defense. If Alabama wants any chance of containing Watson, they’ll spy a linebacker and Clemson can counter that with a lot of read option and play-action passes.

Final score, 35-32 Clemson. The Tigers get the monkey off their back this year.

But if you recall in a previous column, I said that Penn State and University of Southern California should have been in the College Football Playoffs and from the show that they put on in the Rose Bowl and the showings that Ohio State and Washington brought to their CFP semifinal games, I think I proved my point.

Anyway, the Nittany Lions and Trojans put on one of, if not the best, Rose Bowl Games in history.

Records are made to be broken. Six Rose Bowl Game records were in fact broken. But the game itself was unbelievable. PSU scoring 28 points in five minutes. Insane.

USC chipping away throughout the second half and winning that certain game on a last second field goal, unbelievable.

How about the Orange Bowl? My goodness I thought Michigan was going to pull it out. Once they blocked the extra point and returned it for two points, I thought that those last, what 45 seconds, was going to be time for the Wolverines to drive down and at least kick a field goal. But no, they couldn’t complete a pass.

This bowl season was one of the better ones in recent memory, even the lesser known bowl games were good.