Berkshire offers plenty of dividends to new household

Published Oct 7, 2018 at 9:00am

Happy October, Winston and Everyone! 

My name is Berkshire (yes, after the bank). I was a stray who was found outside of Berkshire Bank in Rome, during one of the hottest days of July.

I am about a 1-year-old, a male black and white feline, domestic shorthair mix.

What can I tell you about me? Well, I am a little shy and would prefer not to go to a home with small children or dogs. I love to be petted and am very affectionate once I warm up to you.

The shelter staff say that I am one of the sweetest cats here, how lovely of them! I would absolutely love to find a forever home before the holidays. Do you think someone may be interested, Winston? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best to all, Berkshire 

Hey Berkshire!

Great name by the way. You look so pensive in this photo – I know that you are just daydreaming about a new place to live….and I am certain that there will be plenty of interest once your handsome face is seen by the public.

Good luck to you my friend! 



Adoption updates: 

The friendly felines Wooly Bear and Dustin and Virgil (together), Beau and Wyatt (together), Dewdrop, Georgette, Porkchop, Muffin, Prada, Funny Face and Celia have all found new homes; while the dogs Nelli, Butch, Pearl and Boo have also been adopted. Congratulations to all.

Potential autumn issues:

Here is a look at a few additional fall hazards you should be aware of during autumn: 

Mold and Fungus. When the temperature drops, plant foliage begins to change their color, which is why this is a favorite season (especially for East Coasters!) for many. 

However, this also starts a process that could be quite dangerous to your cat. Decaying plant matter traps moisture, which in turn allows mold and fungus to develop, some of which can be quite dangerous to cats. 

Pest Control Problems. Rodents and other pests tend to move indoors when the temperature drops, leading to many homeowners treating their property with rodenticides and other pest control products. While these products undoubtedly help with getting rid of rodents, they are just as poisonous to your cat as they are to rodents. 

 Car owners tend to top off their antifreeze in the fall to ensure their vehicle’s heater is in proper working order. Many do not realize this, but antifreeze is actually quite poisonous to cats, who just happen to be attracted to the sweet taste of its main ingredient, Ethylene Glycol. 

Indoor Plants. Many homeowners bring their outdoor plants inside when the season changes, but this can be quite hazardous to your cat’s health, depending on the plant. Do your research and avoid bringing plants that could be deadly to your cat inside, or make sure they are well out of reach if you are going to keep them. Some common autumnal plants that are dangerous to your cat’s health include: holly, amaryllis, mistletoe, poinsettia, Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus, chrysanthemum, Christmas rose, autumn crocus, and burning brush. 

Special Requests or New Items

The Humane Society of Rome is in need of the following items: Kuranda beds for cats to help provide extra space in cages. 

Wish list needs:

The Humane Society of Rome Shelter is in immediate need of:

  • Clumping litter (for adult cats) and non-clumping litter (kittens under 3 months);
  • Large bags of dog and cat food, any variety;
  • Tall kitchen trash bags, drawstring variety; and
  • Dawn original (blue) dish detergent. 

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 9 — Dining for the Dogs at
    Teddy’s Restraurant, 851 Black River Blvd., 4 to 9 p.m.

Wish list:

Cat Items

  • Medium covered litter boxes
  • Small litter boxes – kitten size
  • Small plush cat beds – kitten size
  • Covered Cat Beds – all sizes
  • Friskies or 9 Lives pate canned food
  • Ceramic crocks for food/water – small and large
  • Clumping litter (never can have too much)
  • Toys (especially small soft toys and small mice) 

Dogs Items

  • Nylabone Dog Chew Bones for all size dogs
  • Grain Free treats
  • Raw Hide treats – all sizes
  • Soft Treats – such as Bacon Strips or Pupperoni. 
  • New Poop Scoopers (preferably poop scoop with blade)

General Shelter Supplies

  • Garbage bags* – 13 gallon tall kitchen drawstring bags
  • Garbage bags* – 39 gallon lawn/leaf drawstring bags
  • Bleach (non-foaming kind) never can have too much
  • Legal, letter, and small notepads
  • Legal size and Regular No. 10 envelopes
  • Telephone message pads – 2 part carbonless
  • Stamps
  • Blank address labels – 1x 2.5 and 2 x 4
  • Manila 3 tab folders – letter size
  • 25 Gallon Plastic tubs with lids
  • Copy Paper
  • Paper Towels (running low)
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Seasonal Items

  • Grass Seed for outside Dog Kennels or Sod for outside Dog kennels
  • Gift Cards to purchase Paint and Paint Supplies
  • Rolls of Window Screening Material
  • New Air Conditioners for Cat Rooms


  • Gift Certificates or Gift cards to area merchants to purchase supplies as needed.


Want to support the shelter but do not have much free time or extra money? How about donating your bottles and cans?

Drop them off at Green World Bottle and Can Return Center, 1318 Erie Blvd. W, Rome, and ask to have the donation added to the Humane Society of Rome account.

Purina Points
Weight Circles 

Help the Humane Society of Rome earn points when you purchase Purina brand products, and collect weight circles. 

Simply cut and save the circles from participating Purina brand dog foods you have purchased and bring to the shelter.

We save the weight circles and submit in bulk. Purina will send the Humane Society a check good towards future purchase of dog food. This saves the shelter the large amount on food. 

Shelter Hours

The Humane Society of Rome animal shelter, 6247 Lamphear Road, is open on Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to
5 p.m. The shelter is also open on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

For questions, call the shelter at 315-336-7070.