AUTHOR AND ADVOCATE — Known as Margaret Marie, the local author and counselor, who is a survivor of domestic violence, will participate in Sandi’s Stars Fashion Show, to be held at The Beeches Inn and Conference Center on Turin Road Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Author finds words to help others heal

Published Oct 8, 2017 at 9:00am

A local author and counselor will be featured as a model at Sandi’s Stars Fashion Show, hosted annually by the Mary Kay Foundation, to be held at The Beeches on Turin Road at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11.

The fashion show is held to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Domestic Violence program. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Known as Margaret Marie, the author and counselor is a survivor of domestic violence. She is also scheduled to speak at the Schoharie County Domestic Violence Program, which will host a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17 at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, 138 Washington Ave., Cobleskill.

A survivor who reaches out to others who may be experiencing the pain and trauma of abuse, Margaret Marie has a master’s degree in psychiatric rehabilitation and is a certified counselor. Her motto is: “We hope to overcome our circumstances, not let our circumstances overcome us.”

Margaret has published three books: “No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper,” “Choose Well: The Choices That You Make Affect Your Destiny,” and “The Girl Without Shoes,” which was released in January 2016.

The author recalled that her passion for writing began at a very young age. A poor child growing up in school, Margaret remembers while in kindergarten being called to the principal’s office on several occasions.

“Thinking I was in trouble, my head hung low before her,” Margaret said. “She (the principal) proceeded to give me a pencil and a very large pad of paper. Then she said to me, ‘When you grow up, you will be a writer.’”

“Though at the time I did not know how to write ‘Margaret,’ I believed that she was telling me the truth, and set this goal before me for the rest of my life,” she continued. “In grammar school I wrote poetry and in third grade had one published; in middle school I wrote plays, and one our sixth grade class performed at Christmas time for our peers. In high school I wrote for the local newspaper. This continued on all throughout my life.”

Margaret published her first book in 2002, “No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper.” The book was written as a tool to help others who may be stuck in a cycle of abuse find freedom.

The second book, “Choose Well: The Choices That You Make Affect Your Destiny,” was published in 2009. Its target audience is for anyone who may need to change the trajectory of their thinking in order to move away from problems of the past and have healthy thoughts about the future.

The third book received copyright in 2015, but was released a year later, but the launch was delayed into January 2016.

Reviewers have said “The Girl Without Shoes” is a candid display of how abuse impacted the author’s life and how her liberation from the bondage of abuse brought victory and restoration to her life.

According to the author, many people experience abuse and other violent acts in their lives, but few actually share their story. They find themselves alienated and misunderstood by others who have not experienced such trauma. Margaret Marie said she wants those victims to know that they are never alone. The author said she believes if someone encounters the pain and hardships of abuse, it is important to resist negativity. Each person must grieve – but also forgive and rise above – so they can restore health and goodness in life, she said. 

“This book is the story of my life. The reason that I felt it was important was that many children live today in poverty, being in that socioeconomic category makes serious impact on each an every child,” Margaret said. “Then to be abused as a child also creates many problems in moving forward and succeeding in what you attempt to do. Poverty puts a stigma on people as a child, depending on the environmental circles people reside in, and that stigma stays with you all your life. Some people heal and overcome the adversity, others are not as fortunate.”

She said, “When child abuse is also involved, many people do not believe those testimonies and it is sometimes carried even to the grave of those who may be victims. My thoughts were that telling my own story may bring hope to some people out there who are trying to break through into a different way of life. I am no one special, except I believe that the things that we go through sometimes are lessons that we may need to, in turn, help someone else.”

Margaret was a 47-year survivor of abuse and trauma, and is now a facilitator of trauma recovery and boundaries. She also serves as an educator of domestic violence.

The survivor said she looks forward to modeling in the Mary Kay Foundation fashion show at The Beeches Inn and Conference Center on Turin Road. It is an honor to be touched by the stories of women who are survivors of domestic violence and breast cancer, she said.

“The many stories are compelling and builds your strength to hear how each model has overcome the adversities of their lives,” Margaret said. “The monies go to benefit both Domestic Violence and the American Cancer Society. This year we are especially honoring our founding, special survivor after whom the “Sandi’s Stars” was named. Thankfully, the show still goes on in her name.”

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