Area veterans to boycott NFL Sunday

Published Nov 12, 2017 at 9:00am

I am proud of being a Vietnam veteran and I just can’t stand to watch the NFL athletes disrespect the flag that I was willing to die for.

So this weekend I will be among veterans across the country who are not watching. I have to admit that the Giants are so bad this year that my personal boycott will be easy for me. Below are some Rome sports veterans who could have the same feelings as me.

Carl Eilenberg: Is an Air Force veteran and our mayor for 12 years. He was the spirit behind the Rome Sports Hall of Fame and the voice of the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. He is retired in Florida and reads my column every week.

Jim Brown: Was our mayor and spends his retirement between Rome and Florida. Did you know he is a veteran of the United States Air Force? He is a Giants fan and I know he is boycotting on Sunday.

Joe Perrone: Is the director of the Oneida County Veterans Service Agency and a huge football fan. He is definitely boycotting the NFL. Did you know Joe is an Air Force veteran?

Tedd Kehoe: Is a big New York Giants fan and served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He has had it with the football stars who have no clue.

Ron Bouley: Is a fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He served in the Air Force and is a Vietnam veteran. We coached Little League together and I miss this great veteran.

Armand Seccurra: Is in his 90s now and was in the battle of Iwo Jima during World War ll. He is a huge sports fan and I am willing to bet he won’t be watching his New York Giants this Sunday.

Jason Rutherford: Is a Chicago Bears fan and an Air Force soldier. He played basketball for Rome Free Academy back in 2001 and was an outstanding shooter. He will turn off his TV for sure this Sunday.

Mike D’Amore: Just graduated from RFA and was sworn into the US Army last week. Did you know he was the president of the graduating RFA class of 2017 last year? He is busy in basic training so I know he won’t be watching the NFL.

Dan Mumpton: Is one of my best friends and I have never mentioned him in this sports column. He served in the Air Force during Vietnam and loves his New York Giants. He is what makes Rome a special place to live.

Barry Hewitt: Is a Vietnam Army vet who is also a retired Rome police officer. He loved his Giants but I know he is not watching this Sunday.

Pick of the week: Notre Dame 28, Miami 13. The Irish take care of business in this 8 p.m. Saturday night special.

Geek of the week: A.J. Green. He sent two punches and two choke slams on Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey last Sunday. I just had to pick an NFL player as my geek on Veterans Day.

Congratulations to the RFA girls swim team. They finished the season 13-2 and star swimmer Haley Griffin is on her way to the state meet. Coach Michelle Browne is doing an outstanding job.

We remember those who were called upon and gave their life so we could live free. We remember those who were prepared to make that sacrifice but came home. And we remember those brave soldiers who are yet to come who will defend our country with their life if they have too.