Annsville Elementary Students celebrate Music In Our Schools Month

Published Apr 9, 2017 at 9:00am

TABERG — Students from Annsville Elementary School participated in a variety of activities during the month of March to celebrate Music In Our Schools Month, school officials have announced.

First held in 1973 as a Music In Our Schools Day, the celebration has grown to a Music In Our Schools Month, celebrated by music students nationwide, including those at Annsville Elementary.

Annsville students completed a scavenger hunt to find out what other students are learning about in music, officials said, as well as find out what other
students have learned about music.

They contacted students from other grades, including those in the Camden Middle and High Schools, as well as students in neighboring school districts to discover what these students learn in music class.  

Fourth-grade students who play in band and orchestra performed short solos on the morning announcements as well as short solos and duets during the school’s Art Show for a large crowd of students, parents and community members.

These students have been learning new instruments since September and have made great progress on their instruments and are currently preparing for the Spring Concert, according to school officials.