Local vet recalls D-Day Invasion; love back home

SevenDay On Monday, June 5, 1944, the combined Allied forces in Europe were preparing for the largest scale amphibious invasion ever conceived — and native Roman John Sbaraglia was thinking of his girlfriend. “The invasion is but one day away[,] yet I have no feeling which would make me think twice before doing things,” Sbaraglia wrote in his journal that day. He continued, “my... 9:00am 06/24/18

Trace has been waiting for a long, long time for new home

SevenDay Dear Winston: Hi! It’s me again — Trace. Guess what? I am still here. Yep...since February. People come to visit the shelter and they always stop and say hello to me (you know me? The big white dog with the tail that never stops wagging) but then they just walk on by and they don’t come back for me. I can’t think of one good reason Winston. I just can’t. I am super friendly... 9:00am 06/24/18

Check out the latest at Jervis Library

SevenDay Jervis Public Library, 613 N. Washington St., has 110,000 books; tens of thousands of digital books, audiobooks, movies, comics, and music via the hoopla app; nearly 20,000 digital books and audiobooks via OverDrive’s Libby app; 4,500 DVDs; 6,000 books on CD; nearly 200 magazines and newspapers; and 155 digital magazines via the RBDigital app.   Borrow unique items including... 9:00am 06/24/18

Springtime pruning is important for plant growth

SevenDay Did you ever wonder about pruning that lilac bush or grape vine, but were unsure of the right time of year to get your shears and trimmers sharpened? Generally speaking, early spring and mid-June are the best times to prune. You want to keep in mind that the rate of healing of your plants is quickest before the buds break or after the maximum leaf expansion in June. Because... 9:00am 06/24/18