Bruno hopes second time in spotlight will be the charm

SevenDay Hello Winston and Readers: It’s me again, Bruno. How is everyone? I was in the Winston Spotlight in June but unfortunately I am back. It’s not because I am not loveable or adoptable, it’s just that my new home was having landlord issues. It’s OK; I am a strong boy, and I will wait my turn again. I am playful, strong and am good on a leash. I love to go for walks. The shelter... 9:00am 08/20/17

Mystique and wonder

SevenDay Why is there something instead of nothing?  This time of year there is a softness to the air. Late summer the mornings breathe smooth, silky, the breeze is like satin sheets slowly drawn against cheeks.  As the sun toasts the air, cicadas begin their lazy drone. Jays call as sprinklers hiss over verdant lawns.  Down at the lake the water is clear, warm. Straddling a red... 9:00am 08/20/17

Foodscaping on display at Cooperative Extension

SevenDay Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County Master Gardener Volunteers invites people — from experienced gardeners to the greenest of green-thumbs, to come and view the Extension’s Parker F. Scripture Botanical Gardens All-America Selections Foodscaping Brick Garden. The Master Gardener Volunteers are participating in the All-America Selections Landscape Design Challenge,... 9:00am 08/20/17