From left: Cam T. Tien, Ramona L. Smith.

Slim Election Day leads appear to hold for pair of candidates

Published Nov 20, 2017 at 4:10pm

The slim Election Day leads for Democrats in the Common Council races for the First and Fourth Wards held up through the absentee ballot counting and the re-canvassing of votes, according to city Democratic Committee Chair David Amidon, who attended the counting.

Cam T. Tien and Ramona L. Smith are now unofficial councilors-elect in those respective wards as the deadline to certify the results approaches.

The Board of Elections conducted the re-canvassing and the counting of absentee ballots and affidavits Wednesday. The official results won’t be filed until Dec. 6, however.

Calls to the board to confirm results have not been returned.

Tien’s unofficial final total is 315, 18 more than the 297 for Republican incumbent Lori A. Trifeletti in unofficial results.

Tien picked up 14 votes based the re-canvassing and absentee ballots.

Trifeletti added 19 in that process.

The even closer results on Election Night were in the Fourth Ward. Smith is set to return to the council after a two-year layoff.

Her unofficial final victory totals are 334 to 323, according to the figures supplied by Amidon.

Once the polls had closed on the night of the election, Smith, a Democrat seeking to win the seat she occupied for six terms through 2015, held a slim lead on incumbent Republican Sharie Fiorini-Parsons — 319 to 313.

The other council races were reviewed as well.

Third Ward incumbent Republican Kimberly A. Rogers, defeated Sheri L. LaGreco by a count of 418 to 194 with 28 absentee ballots to be counted.

No updates were available in that race.

In the Seventh Ward, Republican A. Robert Tracy leads incumbent Democrat Bruce R. Carpenter 492 to 444 in unofficial results with 41 absentees to be counted.

No updates were available for that race.

Three incumbent Republicans were unopposed in their reelection bids on the city’s Common Council.

They are:

• John B. Mortise of the Second Ward;

• Frank R. Anderson of the Fifth Ward; and

• Riccardo D. Dursi Jr. of the Sixth Ward.

The seats on the city’s Common Council carry two-year terms.