FISHING CHAMPS — The top finishers in each age category for the fishing derby at the Rome Rotary Club’s Canalfest event, from left, are: Zachary Wheeler and Michael Huxley, children’s non-game fish; Dominic Dole and Evan Melendez, children’s game fish; Doug Savoy, adult game fish; and Niels Van Hoesel, adult non-game fish. (Photo submitted)

Rotary Club names Photography show winners

Published Aug 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

The Rome Rotary Club has announced winners in the 2018 Canalfest Photography show and other events.

There were 41 entries this year, with several photographers back from previous years. Sentinel photographer John Clifford was the judge for this year.

The winners are:

  • Adult amateur —first prize, Kathy Lamandia with “Daisies,” second prize, Mike Richardson with “Grasshopper” and Richardson repeated with third prize with “Swamp Trees.” Honorary mention to Geraldine Rogers for “No Trout Sighted.”
  • Student — first prize, Isabelle Till with “Beautiful Day,” second and third prizes to Nicco Bonanza for “Umbrella In The Garden” and “Devils Ridge AZ.” Honorable mention to Isabella Till for “Daily.”
  • President’s Choice — Sandy Foley with “Reflections.”
  • People’s Choice — Andrew Blackburn with “Maple, Kyoto Imperial Palace.”
  • Rotarian’s Choice — Tammy Delude for “Moored.”
  • Chairman’s Choice — Kristin Smith for “Striking.”

Next year’s show will take place Aug. 2-4.

The winner of $985.50 in the 50/50 was Jeff Lenard, who ran the vendor booth for New York Sash.