Neighbors query developers about apartment complex

Published Dec 6, 2018 at 12:00pm

Neighborhood residents and interested members of the public trickled into the South Rome Senior Center Wednesday night to hear details on the planned apartment complex at the site of the former DeWitt Clinton School.

The informal meeting was open from 4 to 7, and had no formal presentation. Residents were able to directly approach representatives from the project’s developer, DePaul Properties, and the construction firm, LeCesse. City officials were also present during the meeting to meet with residents.

“What’s the deadline?” asked one resident.

“We’re looking at early 2020,” responded a DePaul representative.

“Will children live there? Will there be families?” asked one woman.

“It’s a possibility,” answered the representative.

Attendees huddled with foam coffee cups around artists’
renderings of the completed
project: a two-building, 60-unit apartment complex along the city’s waterfront.

Gillian Conde, vice president at DePaul, said the informational meeting was helpful to residents and her firm alike. “It’s really important to us at DePaul that the neighbors get a contact at LeCesse, they know who it is, in case there’s something that comes up in construction — there’s dust, there’s noise — that’s why they’re here to answer questions,” Conde explained.

“Another thing is, these are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood,” she went on. “It’s good on my end — this is a two-way street,” the DePaul vice president added.