Rep. Claudia L. Tenney

Griffiss lands grant Airport celebrates National Aviation Day

Published Aug 18, 2017 at 4:10pm

Griffiss International Airport is receiving a $82,200 grant, reports U.S. Rep. Claudia L. Tenney.

The award from the federal Department of Transportation will assist in the removal of obstructions in the vicinity of the runway that present a potential hazard to air traffic due to their height, according to Tenney, R-22, New Hartford.

“As an important regional asset, Griffiss International Airport has been a key contributor in helping to grow our local economy in the Utica-Rome area,” said Tenney in a statement.

“This federal investment I assisted in securing will allow Griffiss to continue to expand and upgrade outdated infrastructure to better serve the aviation needs of Mohawk Valley.” 

The airport recently received an unrelated grant offer from the Federal Aviation Administration for the design of runway repairs. The award, a maximum of $332,550, is for the first phase of anticipated fixes to the runway that handles all of the airport’s flights.

National Aviation Day

Friday’s grant announcement came as the county airport joins in the observance of National Aviation Day.

Airport visitors stopping at the fixed-base operator Million Air location Friday and Saturday can pick up a Griffiss goodie bag.

National Aviation Day was celebrated in 1939 by President Franklin. D. Roosevelt and designated as Aug. 19 in conjunction with the birthday of Orville Wright, who, together with his brother Wilbur, made significant contributions to powered flight.

“This day is an opportunity for each of us to take a moment and remember the importance aviation plays in our everyday lives and how it has shaped America,” said County Aviation Commissioner Russell Stark. “And more importantly, how it is still shaping our region with continued development of the aviation industry and unmanned aircraft systems technology here in the Mohawk Valley.”