PROTECTION FROM MOTHER NATURE — Oneida County is a negotiating a five-year lease with the owner of the former Davidson auto dealership on East Dominick Street. The plan is to store Department of Public Works equipment in the old service area, away from rain and snow. The county would not occupy the entire building. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

County seeks lease of East Dominick St. parcel

Published Nov 17, 2017 at 4:00pm

Oneida County is close to completing negotiations to lease most of the former Davidson automobile sales and service center on East Dominick Street.

The county plans to use the former vehicle service area to store equipment used by the Department of Public Works’ highways and bridges and buildings and grounds divisions. The county wants to lease 20,908 square for five years. 

The proposed rent is $6,534 a month for five years. The county would pay $392,025 over the course of the lease. The county is negotiating with Clemente Importing LLC.

Public Works Commissioner Dennis Davis discussed the like agreement with the Board of Legislators’ Public Works Committee on Wednesday. He’s hopeful that by the time the lease runs out, the county will be a position to expand the DPW operations base in Whitestown so it can handle his department’s equipment storage needs in-house. Plans to build a structure are on hold while the county works its way through higher-priority capital projects in the next couple of years.

“The five-year lease really makes sense,” he said.

However, Davis is not interested in exercising the option at the end of that time to extend it for another five years.

“I certainly hope that operationally we don’t lease it another five years,” he said.

Davis is hopeful that the projects ahead of his new storage building are completed in the next several years so his Whitestown facility can be expanded around the time when the lease with Clemente Importing expires.

Terms are nearly complete, and there could be a tentative agreement in time for the full legislature to vote on at next week’s meeting.

There’s no purchase option in the draft lease, according to Amanda Cortese, special assistant county attorney.  

The mostly empty building has one other tenant.

The DPW formerly used a hangar at the old county airport in Whitestown to protect equipment against rain and snow. However, this building is no longer available following its sale to the state so it could be incorporated into the state Preparedness Training Center’s operations that occupy most of the old airfield.