Kimberly A. Rogers

Councilor Rogers seeking re-election in Third Ward

Published Oct 21, 2017 at 4:00pm

Third Ward Republican Common Councilor Kimberly A. Rogers is seeking re-election to a fifth term, she announced.

Rogers was first elected in November 2009 and has served four consecutive two-year terms. She has the endorsement of the Republican and Conservative parties.

She is being challenged by Sheri LaGreco, who will appear on the Democrat and Independence lines on Nov. 7.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the residents of the Third Ward,” said Rogers. “From the beginning, my goal every day has been to listen and be responsive to constituent concerns, reduce taxpayer burden, improve public safety and enhance the quality of life for residents. Over the last eight years, I believe I have made an impact in these areas and that my experience, commitment and proven leadership record makes me the most qualified candidate for the position. I am truly passionate about this community and would love the opportunity to continue to serve as a strong voice for the residents of the Third Ward.”

She added: “Reducing taxpayer burden has been and will continue to be a top priority if I am re-elected. We must continue to cut expenses, develop new revenue sources, secure grant funding and most importantly grow the tax base. City of Rome taxpayers simply can’t afford to pay more.”

Public safety has also been a priority for Rogers. “People must be able to feel safe in their neighborhoods and no one should have to live next door to a nuisance property. I have worked closely with the police department and code enforcement office to close three nuisance properties and will continue to take an aggressive proactive approach with absentee landlords and problem tenants.”

Helping constituents resolve issues is a key part of the job, Rogers noted. “Whether those issues are with city government itself, or dealing with a neighborhood nuisance, often residents turn to their councilor for assistance. Being a reliable and responsive advocate is very important. I do my absolute best to make sure that resident concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. What matters to them matters to me, and I hope to have their support on Election Day to continue as their representative.”

In 2014, Rogers was elected by the council to serve as president pro tempore. She has served on all of the council’s standing committees and is the the chair of the Economic Development and Community Development Advisory Committees.

Rogers lives at 5171 Oswego Road with her husband John, and together they have two adult children.

Rogers owns and operates two small businesses from another property she owns in the ward. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an associate’s in accounting, is a 2007 Follow the Leader Award recipient and is a graduate of the Disney Institute Keys to Excellence program.