Rev. Bryce Baldwin

Working behind the scenes

Published Jul 28, 2018 at 4:00pm

Have you ever felt God was nowhere to be found in your life? Does your prayer life feel like it is hitting the ceiling? Have you gone some time without hearing from God? Is your life not going the way you planned and you wonder where God is in it all? Be assured God is working, He is working behind the scenes in your life. 

In the story of Ruth from the Old Testament, God remains off the stage. However, He is working behind the scenes. In the text we don’t see God interacting with Ruth, Naomi or Boaz. In other passages of the Bible we see God speaking to people directly or He perform a miracle like when He parted the Red Sea through Moses to show His power to people.

In Ruth’s story God led her into Boaz’s field and through Boaz, Naomi’s (Ruth’s Mother in Law) spiritual outlook changed. We see God provide for Ruth and Naomi in many ways even though we never see God directly interact with them. 

When God is distant (behind the scenes), the complexities of the characters come out in Biblical stories. Through the character traits of these three, we find the majority of information from dialogue.

In Boaz’s conversations we see that he is kind towards Ruth and Naomi. Ruth is thankful and humble while Naomi’s character turns from bitterness to joy. When a biblical story is told in this way we can identify more with the character, with their hurts, joys and triumphs! We can see our lives through their lives being told!

Like Ruth God is working behind the scenes in your life. One of the reasons Ruth is so important is because at the end of the story Ruth and Boaz give birth to a son named Obed. Obed had a son and named him Jesse. Jesse is the father of King David. Jesus traces His lineage directly to King David, making Ruth and Boaz a part of the line of Jesus himself, the Savior of mankind!

Be encouraged, God is working in your life all you need to do is trust and surrender to what He is doing!