Light and life

Published Dec 24, 2016 at 4:00pm

Tonight is Christmas Eve, the night in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

On the night of His birth, Luke tells us as Shepherds were with their sheep “an angel appeared to them and the glory of the Lord shone about them.”

Their eyes were opened to the light of God. They hurried to Bethlehem to find the baby in the manger. Tonight most churches will commemorate their visit with candlelight and beautiful hymns.  

It is easy to get wrapped up in Christmas (pun intended!). It is wonderful to share gifts and celebrate with family. Christmas decorations are beautiful and having snow this year makes our outside decorations even more festive. Jesus’ birth showed God’s ultimate love for people.

Coming as a baby, Jesus showed that God truly understands what it means to be human. It is good to celebrate this joyous birth!  

There is a shadow that falls across the manger — the shadow of the cross. Jesus came as baby, but He worked as a man. Christ walked this earth healing, teaching, and showing how best to live. John called Him the light of the world. He brought hope and the glory of God everywhere He walked.

Unfortunately, many closed their eyes to the light and rejected Jesus. For them, Christmas never came. Then those that lived in darkness sought to put out the Light.

The hanged Jesus on the cross. But even their deep darkness could not overcome the Light of Christmas.

It is good to celebrate Christmas. But soon the candles will be out; the packages unwrapped, and the decorations put away. Then what happens?

If we really are people of the Light, we will make every day Christmas. Each day is a gift from God. Let us with joy unwrap each one.

Shall we decorate the world with decorations that never burn out or are never put away? These are decorations of love, respect, and joy for each other.

Let us take the Light of Christ into the darkness of unrepented souls and have them catch the fire of the redemption of the cross.

Then if we do our part, we can truly sing with the angels: “Peace on earth, good will to all.” This is Christmas Eve — go and live the light of Christ.

Merry Christmas!