Each and every voice matters; make yours heard

Published Oct 6, 2018 at 4:00pm

From the Rome Clergy Association to the Congregations and Citizens of Rome and the Rome area:

We, the undersigned faith leaders who are organized as the Rome Clergy Association, want you to know that you matter. Each and every one.

The God we worship and serve is the God who made humankind in God’s image.

We know this God as the one who hears the cry of those who were oppressed and freed them from captivity.

This is the God who has made one family out of all the peoples of the earth.

Because we trust in this God who calls us into one human family and cares for every one, we affirm that every person matters.

Your voice matters.

We encourage you to vote, to make your voice heard. Recently, many elections have been decided by a relatively small number of votes, so your vote really can, and does, make a difference.

Why are we telling you this? Because in our society, too many voices are being silenced or ignored. Too many people are being belittled, overlooked, forgotten, and we believe this is wrong.

Our respective Christian faith traditions teach that all are created as unique persons with intrinsic worth and value; therefore, your perspective and gifts are needed in this world.

Your voice matters.

Our Christian faith also teaches us that each person is called into relationship with one another: to care for one another; as Jesus said, to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

The Apostle Paul said that what happens to one of us happens to all of us. When one hurts, or is hungry, or is abused, we all, collectively, suffer. 

Those in power make decisions that affect us all. We need to ensure that those empowered to make those decisions represent us authentically.

In a society that is supposed to be governed by the collective voices of our elected leaders, they need to know what we believe, what matters to us, and how we want people to be treated.

We, the members of the Rome Clergy Association, want to ensure you know that you are beloved and important.

We want our elected officials to hear our voices, diverse, yet equal.

Because your voice matters, please do your part, and vote.  

The General Election is Tuesday, November 6, all day.  

Signed by:

• Rev. Brian Lothridge, pastor, First United Methodist Church;

• Rev. Fr. Robert Kelly, pastor, St. Paul and St. Joseph Catholic Churches of Rome and Lee Center;

• Rev. Sam Pendergrast, pastor, First Presbyterian Church;

• Rev. Jeffrey Courter, pastor, Westernville Presbyterian Church;

• Rev. Tommy Ray Jackson, Sr., pastor, Mount Calvary Baptist Church;

• Rev. Willie Scott, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church;

• Evangelist Ella Brooks, New Hope Baptist Church;

• Rev. Fr. James K. Heidt, Zion Episcopal Church;

• Rev. Leonard Himes, pastor, Grace Union AME Church;

• Rev. Fr. Philip Hearn, St. Peter & St. Mary Catholic Churches;

• Rev. Cedric Boughton, former pastor, First Baptist Church;

• Rev. Patricia Hubman, pastor, Delta/Verona United Methodist Churches;

• Rev. Magead Salloum, pastor, New Testament Church;

• District Elder James Richardson, Sr., pastor, Kingdom Harvest Apostolic Church;

• Sandra Latimer, Zion Episcopal Church;

• Pastor Ron Colangelo, My Father’s House of Utica;

• Gwen Evans, Mount Calvary Baptist Church; and

• Pastor Benjamin Arazu, River of Life Christian Church.