Utica man accused of shooting deer from bedroom window

Published Nov 8, 2018 at 4:00pm

A Utica man is accused of shooting a deer in his backyard from his bedroom window with a bow, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Authorities said they were dispatched to a residence in Utica for complaints that there was a deer in the driveway with an arrow sticking out of it on Oct. 29. Environmental Conservation Officer Jeff Hull found tufts of the deer hair in the driveway and questioned the homeowner.

The identity of the homeowner was not released by the DEC.

Authorities said the homeowner admitted to shooting a buck in his backyard using a bow, and he took the officer into his basement where the animal had been cut up and put in the freezer. It was a 7-point buck, authorities said.

The animal had been shot the night before at about 8 p.m., two hours after legal hunting hours. Authorities said the homeowner admitted to using his flood light to observe the healthy deer eating from a pile of corn behind his house, and he shot it with a bow from his bedroom window.

While looking in the freezer, Officer Hull said he discovered some other venison marked for “10/05/2018”.

When asked, the homeowner admitted to shooting a doe on Oct. 5, which he had also neither tagged or reported, authorities stated.

The homeowner is charged with taking wildlife except as permitted, taking a deer outside of permitted hunting hours, taking a deer using artificial light, hunting over bait, failure to report harvest, discharging a bow within 150 feet of a dwelling and two counts of failure to tag deer, authorities said.

He is scheduled to appear in court next month and officials said he could face the possible revocation of his hunting license.