Two sent to federal prison on meth charges

Published Nov 21, 2017 at 4:00pm

A pair of methamphetamine cooks and “smurfs” from Lewis County were sentenced to federal prison this month.

Ryan “Bubba” Granger, 38, was sentenced in Federal Court Monday to nine months in prison for manufacturing and distributing meth and for possession the ingredients used to cook meth, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Accomplice Megan Thomas, 30, also of Lewis County, was sentenced on Nov. 8 to 18 months in prison on similar charges, authorities said. Both pleaded guilty on July 10.

Authorities said between January 2015 and September 2016, Granger and Thomas operated as smurfs in Lewis County. A “smurf” is a person who buys the controlled chemicals and materials needed to cook methamphetamine. These chemicals are freely available to customers, but their purchase is often monitored by law enforcement.

Authorities said Granger and Thomas bought pseudoephedrine from several different drugs stores in and around Lewis County. Authorities said they rotated the stories where they bought the pills to try to avoid the government monitoring.

The pair then either cooked their own meth using the pseudoephedrine they had purchased or they passed it along to other cooks, authorities stated. The pair also either used the meth themselves or sold it in Lewis County, authorities said.