Sherrill businesses report scam

Published Aug 8, 2018 at 4:00pm

CITY OF SHERRILL — Several businesses in Sherrill have recently reported scam telephone calls threatening to shut off electricity if payment was not made immediately.

City officials said the scammers used the telephone number “800-315-6706” and claimed to be either “Tony Gomez” or “Amy Williams.” The scammers threatened to shut off power to the business if they didn’t make a payment within half an hour.

Officials said no city agencies would be calling from an 800-number, nor would they demand utility bill payment within such a short time frame.

The Sherrill Police Department is investigating, and authorities warned that the scam may move to other municipalities.

If you have questions about your utilities in Sherrill, you’re asked to verify the information with City Hall at 315-363-2440.