Rome firefighters rescue duck family

Published May 16, 2017 at 4:10pm

The Rome Fire Department responded this morning at approximately 10:30 to a family emergency involving a single mother and her brood of 12.

Rescue personnel arrived to find a duck and her 12 ducklings had become trapped near a drainage grate at the corner of Oak and Craig streets.

Firemen Justin Cianfrocco and Paul Matwijec lifted the grate off the drain and used a net to lift the ducks to safety.

“They were exploring and got trapped. It seems they are alright,” Cianfrocco said.

“There were 12 ducks and the mother. They are doing well,” Matwijec added.

The brood retired to a nearby lawn for some recovery time in the sun.

The mother duck declined comment.

Tuesday’s rescue follows an incident on Sunday where more than a dozen baby ducklings were plucked from a sewer grate near Harbor Way and reunited with their mother.