From left: Lt. Mark P. Liddy, Capt. Dominic Corigliano

Pair named Officers of the Month for presidential preparations

Published Sep 21, 2018 at 4:00pm

Rome Police Captain
Dominic Corigliano and
Lieutenant Mark P. Liddy are both honorees for Officer of the Month for August, the department has announced.

Police officials said the
two men were in charge of preparations for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Griffiss International Airport on Aug. 13.

Capt. Corigliano was in charge of planning and organizing traffic control, the motorcade and command center operations for all local law enforcement.

Lt. Liddy was in charge of planning and organizing all tactical operations inside the airfield.

Both men spent the days leading up to the visit engaged in numerous planning meetings involving multiple agencies, some of which occurred while the men were off-duty on their own time.

“The entire detail was conducted with professionalism and courtesy under the direction of Captain Corigliano and Lieutenant Liddy,” police officials said.

“Their leadership is to be commended and is worthy of this recognition,” the Rome police officials added.

Corigliano joined the department in March 1989. Liddy joined the department in July 2001.