Stephen A. Lacey

Man says he pulled infant son across bed in statement to police

Published Feb 14, 2017 at 4:50pm

Charged with a felony for his infant son's broken leg, Stephen A. Lacey told law enforcers that he pulled his child across a bed by the leg, according to his criminal statement.

Lacey, 30, was scheduled for a felony exam in City Court tomorrow.

In a statement he gave to detectives, Lacey said he did not realize he had hurt the child at first, but later found a worrisome bump on his son's leg. Lacey told police that he immediately headed for Rome Memorial Hospital.

"I took (the baby) out of his pack & play, fed him his bottle and then laid him down in the bed next to me. I turned and...(the baby) then began throwing a fit. At this moment, I was feeling irritated that my wife didn't wake me up before she left," Lacey told police. He said this occurred at about 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 at their residence on Turin Street.

"I turned around, reached over to (the baby) and grabbed his leg. After grabbing (the baby's) leg, I pulled him over towards me. When I grabbed (the baby's) leg, I must have grabbed it too hard and then pulled. I don't remember if I bent (the baby's) leg when I grabbed it."

Lacey said the infant stopped fussing for a moment and he changed the child's diaper.

"I didn't notice anything unusual with his leg at that time," Lacey told police.

He said he put the child back into the pack & play and went to another room for a moment, then returned and picked up the fussy child again.

"As I went to pick (the baby) up out of the pack & play, I felt an unusual bump on his right leg," Lacey told police. "At this moment, I realized that I must have hurt him when I grabbed his leg and yanked him over to me on the bed. I can't think of any other time over the last day or so that this injury would have occurred."

Lacey told police that he could not reach a taxi service, so he dressed his son and brought him outside to the bus stop. By coincidence, Lacey said he ran into his wife on the first bus that arrived and together they took the child to Rome Memorial Hospital.

Lacey told police that he lied to his wife about how the injury occurred.

"When we got to the hospital, I told (his wife) that the cat had jumped onto (the baby) while he was sleeping in his crib," Lacey told police. "I made up the story about the cat because I didn't want to believe that I actually hurt my own son."

Hospital staff informed the Laceys about the fracture in the child's femur and he was transferred to University Hospital in Syracuse. Lacey told police that he sent his wife home and accompanied his son to Syracuse, where he again told the cat story to doctors.

"At no time did I mean to hurt my son," Lacey told police in his statement. "I'm extremely sorry for what happened to my son. I am prepared to take responsibility for what I did."

Police charged Lacey with felony second-degree assault three days later. At the felony exam, Lacey's case is expected to be forwarded to the county grand jury for a possible indictment.